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Invelco AT-110

Invelco AT-110 folded dipole antenna

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7. Results.

In this section I will analyse the results of the simulations made with the two models of the Invelco AT-110A antenna described on the section 2 and using 4Nec2. I have made a total of 408 simulations, counting the convergence and AGT tests and the simulations of SWR and radiation patterns for both models.

The results achieved with both models are quite similar, so the operators of this antenna can use either of them.

The simulations have been made considering the frequency range from 2 MHz to 30 MHz, installing the antenna in inverted-V configuration over an average terrain and using masts of 9 m, 12 m, 15 m and 18 m.


7.1. Standing wave ratio (SWR).

In both cases (model 1 and model 2), one can see the wideband behaviour of the antenna, with SWR values between 1,01 and 4,76 in the model 1 and between 1,03 and 4,22 in the model 2, all along the whole range 2-30 MHz. Analysing both plots one can conclude the following:

Please note that those results may vary as a function of the environment where the antenna is installed (type of ground and nearby obstacles), so in every case it is advisable to use an antenna coupler in order to operate with the antenna. In ideal conditions, it may be enough using the internal coupler of the radio.


7.2. Radiation patterns.

In the simulations performed with both models, one can see similar results relative to the radiation characteristics of the antenna:


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